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Brumar is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the natural environment. It operates in compliance with the relevant legislation, community environmental standards and contractual requirements.

The commitment of all employees to preserve the environment is enhanced by a required induction course at commencement of employment, supplemented by ongoing education and awareness raising.

The company also ensures that service suppliers, partners and clients adhere to the conservation of the environment on site. Furthermore, Brumar only utilizes environmentally friendly biodegradable products, as far as possible.


Brumar Construction A Green Contractor

Brumar Construction cc - is one of the companies in Namibia that is banded "green" by Vivo Energy Namibia.

What does this mean, you ask?

Vivo Energy Namibia recognises Brumar Construction cc as a “green” contractor in their internal Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) Management System Assessment. This recognition means that Brumar Construction meets the HSSE expectations as a contractor to Vivo Energy Namibia.

Vivo Energy’s review process looks at all elements of how the contractor’s health, safety security and environmental management systems (HSSE) and programmes correspond to the nationa and international standards.  To achieve the “green” status, the contractor’s HSSE management systems must be in place and consistent with Vivo Energy’s Contractor Safety Expectations. This includes working with Vivo Energy toward zero fatalities or significant incidents.


“Brumar Construction attaches great importance to the principle that successful Health, Safety Security and Environment management contributes to successful business management.Therefore, this recognition reinforces Brumar’s commitment to the highest safety standards in the industry and it continues to challenge us to become better and to strive for safety in every Brumar Construction operation.” Bruno Mareka, Managing Director